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STEM Exploration Days & Nights


Are you ready to take your school's science day or night to the next level? Parents, teachers and students agree that Science Nights or Exploration Days with Mad Science offers are unforgettable experiences filled with fascinating demonstrations and exciting hands-on activities! We bring our interactive science exhibits, hands-on experiments, fascinating displays, and Mad Scientists right to your location.These easily customized events are great for Family Nights, Science Fairs & Festivals, STEM Nights, School Carnivals, & more.


These programs are designed to involve every student in an interactive science experience.  All science activities are hands-on and inquiry-based. We start out with a spectacular Mad Science show and then move on to interactive Hands-on Discovery or Make 'n Take stations that are sure to keep your students engaged and get them excited about a whole host of science concepts. 


  • A Minimum 2 hour event for up to approximately 120-400 students (may be able to do more depending on staffing)
  • Includes a 1 hour show followed by 1 hour of hands-on exploration through exciting Hands-on Discovery Booths.
  • If done during school hours, we will customize and organize event to your grade level, student body size, and space size 
  • Mad Scientists bring all of the equipment and materials to your school to make the entire event hassle-free
  • School or Organization receives an overview at the beginning of each session to explain the activities your students will be "discovering"
  • We will provide in marketing content and collateral for promoting the event. 

    SCIENCE SHOW We will kick off the night with a spectacular science show. This highly interactive show will entertain both students and parents alike. See chemical reactions, fantastic forces, our giant foam factory, and much more! Click here to learn more about our shows and to see list of topics 

    HANDS-ON BOOTHS:  Mad Science Hands-on Fun Stations provide exciting, interactive and unique activities for children. Each station is staffed by professional Mad Scientists and filled with interactive exhibits, which will help students understand scientific principles.

    • Children receive a take home card to reinforce concepts learned at each station, which also includes an experiment for children to do at home.
    • The number of children that each station can accommodate per hour will vary, although most will accommodate up to 20 kids every 20 minutes.
    • We provide all the necessary equipment and supplies, excluding a table.
    • Stations are booked by the hour.  We require a 2 hour minimum if only booking booths, but only one hour if paired with a science show.
    • One Mad Scientist’s for Every Booth! We make your events hassle-free!

    MAKE & TAKE BOOTHS: In addition to hands-on booths, we also have make and take booths that can be booked with your Science Night or Exploration Day. These Fun Stations give children the opportunity to make their own science project to take home, while learning about the specific science principles that go along with it. Prices vary and depend on the type of product and amount of students Click here for the full list.


    ROBOTS: See science in motion and learn how robots think sense and act.  Discover how robots are used to do specific tasks.  Get hands on with Automatons, Programmable Robots and Remote Control Devices. 

    ENERGY:  Let's take a bold look at power generation, renewable resources and the Law of Conservation of Energy.  Get Hands on to transform mechanical energy to sound, sun energy to electricity and wind energy to light!

    ELECTRICITY: Learn the rules of electricity while experimenting with conductors and circuitry!  Children can explore hands on activities that include building a parallel circuit, testing for conductivity, and trying their steady-hand buzzer game!

    MAGNETS:Take a magnet through a maze and discover how magnets can levitate.  Learn how like poles repel and opposites attract as we explore this strange, powerful force together. 

    DRY ICE:  Bubbling Potions, Tasting CO2 gas, spooky movie effects, & bubbles produced by the Bubbletron 2019! 

    OPTICS: Enter the world of light, color, and optical illusions.  Mix colored lights, break up white light with special glasses, test the energy of lasers, and make animation with a hand crank. 

    AIR PRESSURE: Learn how Bernoulli's Principle keeps planes in the sky and Ping Pong balls floating in midair.  Hands-on activities include: Cartesian Divers, Hovercrafts, and Marshmallow Mashers.  This booth will send your imagination soaring! 

    SOUND: Hear and see sound like never before!  Use our Chinese Spouting Bowl to learn about vibrations.  Use your ears, eyes and hands to understand transverse and longitudinal sound waves. Visualize acoustics with our Chladni Plate.  Discover sonic sound and get groovy with a pocket synthesizer.  Now, doesn’t that sound fun?!



    Call today at 207-878-2222 and we will be happy to help you schedule your school's most memorable event of the year!! 


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