After-School Programs

Learning doesn't have to stop after the bell rings! Mad Science after-school programs are both educational and fun. Our hands-on, one-hour, 8-week science programs are themed around a particular area of science and include such topics as electricity, magnetism, optics, biology, and many more.

The After-School Experience

Each of our classes includes an assortment of science experiments and activities that will challenge each student and allow them to channel their inner scientist!

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All About Our After-School Programs


How long are your programs (weeks and hours)?

Our standard program is held immediately after school for 1 hour and typically lasts for 4 or 8 weeks. However, Mad Science can accommodate program requests of 4 to 12 weeks. We will be happy to discuss any atypical scheduling needs.


Who pays for an after-school program?

Typically, after-school programs are paid for by parents. In some cases, a PTO or other organization may opt to pay part or all of the students' enrollment.


Happy Customers

Here's what schools have to say about our after-school programs!

My Granddaughter loves going to mad science. She looks forward to it every single week.

William Vaillancourt

Manchester, NH

Thanks for all your work of enriching our schools and providing science enrichment!

Nicole Bradeen

Portland, ME

Both of my kids have participated in several sessions of the after school program at their school. They have enjoyed all the activities and always come home with some new knowledge to share at the dinner table. My daughter enjoyed it so much that she chose to have her birthday party at the Mad Science building. It was a super easy birthday party. All I did was bring the cake she wanted - they

Elizabeth Lupien

South Portland, ME