Our Show Themes


Up, Up and Away!

This spellbinding special event introduces children to the principles of air and pressure. Children see an incredible exothermic reaction take place and even get the chance to watch a hovercraft in action!


Fire and Ice

This spectacular show thrills audiences with impressive science experiments. The event includes foggy dry ice storms and safe and fun fire demonstrations. Kids and parents alike are amazed by sizzling science, combustion and bubbly showers!


Sounds Like Science

Kids get tuned into learning with exciting demonstrations and experiments, including the surprisingly loud dinosaur-in-a-can, the glowing electric pickle, and a kid-created thunderstorm!


Marvels of Motion

In this high energy event, children see Newton’s three laws of motion in action. They try exciting experiments, compete in crazy competitions, and learn the physics behind some of their favorite sports.


Ramp It Up!

Hop on board the Mad Science express and get ready for a high speed romp into energy and power! Reach your potential and become ecstatic as we make things fly, spin, and soar. Witness energy conversion in action as you race around the room with your teacher in an energy relay. Do you have the energy for the Mad Science Power Pedaler? Give it a try!


Radical Reactions

Are you ready for some kooky, crazy chemistry? Explore the difference between physical and chemical change in our Radical Reactions Show! Let us impress kids with our over-the-top demonstrations! We will release a genie from a bottle, and spew massive columns of foam with the use of a catalyst.


Holiday Spectacular

Mad Science is going to share the holiday season with you! You won't believe your eyes as you try to determine if what you're seeing is magic or science. Don't worry, we'll explain it all as we use our indoor fireworks to create a festival of lights and share our "special ice", and no-melt snow shipped straight from the North Pole.


Halloween Spook-Tacular

Prepare for science tricks & treats as we present our most famous elixirs. You will marvel at the Foaming Jack O’ Lantern we create as we listen for the wail of the banshee. Cauldrons of frothing witches’ brews, releasing ghosts from bottles, and warlock potions will complete your most scientifically spooky Halloween ever!


321 Blast Off

Explore Space as we embark on an out-of-this-world galactic expedition! From Earth’s atmosphere to the outer reaches of our solar system, this space show will send your students to the moon! Help us analyze the atmosphere and zero gravity with an awesome bell jar experiment. Prepare for liftoff with a mini rocket launch and leave your learners astronomically awe-struck with 321 Blast Off!


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