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Maine Preschool Program Options

All of our programs can be adapted to suit the interests and understanding of pre-school children.

Children will learn about science by touching, feeling, and even tasting their science experiments. We leave children inspired and hungry to learn more. All of our curriculum is developed by a professional team of teachers and scientist.

 Offered 1 to 2 times a month at your Preschool or Center
 1/2 hour to hour depending on needs
 Take-home project included
 Supplemental Teachers Resource Packet Provided


 SEPTEMBER Sonic SoundsThis acoustic class fills an hour with music and all sorts of merry sounds! Engaging sound experiments and live demonstrations show the properties and transmission of sound waves. Children listen to sounds made with solid materials—from plastic to metal to string. Ingenious, unlikely objects transform handheld horns, metal screws, wooden ratchets and beads into a symphony of story sound effects. Electronic devices reveal frequency when a pitch-changing machine alters voices to gruff monsters or happy chipmunks. Children complete the class with their Sonic Horn Take-Homes.

OCTOBER Halloween Workshop: Glowing SciencePrepare for science tricks & treats as we present our most famous elixirs. Reach into a magic bag…Boo! That’s okay, we promise it won’t bite. We'll show you how a spider dives to its doom and what can happen to a scientist if they do not follow proper safety rules. You will marvel at the Foaming Jack O’ Lantern we create as we listen for the wail of the banshee. Cauldrons of frothing witches brews, releasing ghosts from bottles, and warlock potions will complete your experience with the most "maddening" and scientifically spooky Halloween ever!

Study the science of your insides by learning about the major systems of the human body. Learn about how your food is digested, how your blood flows through your body and how your brain controls all of these parts. 

DECEMBER Slippery Science

This class demystifies one of the most beneficial molecules know to humankind…Polymers! These relatively complex chemistry concepts are introduced to elementary school-age children in tactile, visually-engaging experiments. Students create cross-linked polymers based on their observations of the properties of polymers and cross-linking agents. Students will learn about slime and its basic ingredients in a series of hands-on activities. Polymer paper clips and cross-linking magnetic marbles will help to examine the key components of slime. 


Pre-K Robotics Series:  Robots in Action

FEBRUARY Pre-K Robotics Series:  Program-A-Bot


Pre-K Robotics Series:  Robot Challenge
APRIL Life in the SeaLife in the Sea introduces children to the diverse wealth of life beneath the ocean’s waves. Children learn to distinguish fish from invertebrates, and explore some of the adaptations sea creatures have developed for survival. Real shark and whale tooth replicas let children get hands-on with marine biology. They also learn some things they can do to help protect ocean creatures and habitats. The anaglyph ocean images and puzzle they take home will reinforce their learning.
MAYRocket Science

Children are provided with a valuable hands-on experience as they build a Mad Science Skyblazer Rocket. As they move through the various stages of construction, children learn the components of a rocket and the roles each play in a rocket's flight. Children will learn about the four forces affecting flight in lessons that will be reinforced with a fun game in which they race through space. 

JUNE Water WorksInteractive and hands-on activities will assist preschoolers with this introduction to water. The basic concepts taught are density, absorption and surface using a variety of hands-on experiments.


Weekly, fun, hands-on science programs that are offered once a week and last 6 weeks. Classes can be 45-60 minutes each. Parent funded or Funded by Preschool or Daycare Center.  We offer 3 sessions per year: Fall, Winter, and Spring. We offer exciting science themes each week. Take-home projects included in each class. Can be a program that is regularly incorporated into the school day or Afterschool. Format and Structures is flexible to meet your needs.


These workshops are offered any time to suite your programming needs and are themed around preschool health initiatives. Workshops are a half hour to hour depending on you preschool needs. Take-home projects are included and supplemental curriculum is provided.There are four specialty workshops available: Mission Nutrition, Be Sun Smart, The Great Brush, & Body Basics.  “Mission Nutrition” aids with the development of healthy eating behaviors where children gain general knowledge about food groups and well balanced meals. “Be Sun Smart” helps develop healthy behaviors whilst in the sun and reinforce the importance of skin health. “The Great Brush Off" aids with dental health initiatives. “Body Basics” supports or introduces health science. *Only Available Upon Request.



That's right, we do Preschool Science Shows! Mad Science special events are flexible and can be customized to suit your needs, schedule, budget, or audience size. Click here to learn more.


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