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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do kids do at a Mad Science birthday party?

A: During the first 45 minutes, the Mad Scientist will engage children with amazing science demonstrations that are conducted with the help of your birthday child and guests. Some examples of experiments that may be included are: fitting a hardboiled egg into an impossibly small space, seeing flash paper disappear and creating chemical reactions. During the final 10-15 minutes of the party, the kids will make Mad Science Slime that each child gets to bring home. Adding an upgrade activity such as a rocket launch, cotton candy, Van De Graaff generator, laser light, or dry ice will add 10-15 minutes to the length of your party.


Q. What kind of experiments does Mad Science do?

A. Our experiments are designed to convey basic scientific principles in fun and exciting ways. All the parties begin with some science related magic tricks, just to get the kids warmed up. At the end the children will make their own slime, which they will take home.

We may cover anything from air pressure to electricity to the states of matter using visually appealing, dynamic (and of course completely safe) experiments.

For example, we may:

• Fit an egg into an impossibly small space!

• Make a pickle glow!

• Catch a shadow!

• Light a lightbulb without plugging it in!

• Change water's temperature instantly!

• See how a rainbow is made!

• Create the world's smallest fireworks show! ...and more!  

Q. What does the birthday party child get?

(aside from the coolest party ever)? 

Before the show, the Birthday Child will receive a cool, large, full-color Mad Science Poster that each guest can autograph (even the Mad Scientist)! The Birthday Child is the "Honorary Mad Scientist" and during the show, our Mad Scientist seems to call on Birthday Children for help a lot. Go figure! Plus, they'll have the very same take-home activity as everyone else! 

Q. Why should I be able to darken or dim the room?

A: All of our experiments are really cool, but some of our experiments are far more exciting if we can dim or darken the room! It heightens the overall effectiveness of the experiments. Often people cut black trash bags open and tape them over the windows. After the Mad Scientist is done presenting, the bags are pulled down. It works great! If we must, we can work in a space that can't be darkened, as we are masters of improvisation.

Q. How much preparation time does the Mad Scientist need?

A: The Mad Scientist will arrive at your home (or other party location) about 30 minutes before show time. We recommend that the show time be scheduled 1/2 hour after the official party start time. We don't want anyone to miss anything!

Q. Is this going to make a big mess or what?

A: Nope! The Mad Scientist cleans up after themselves when they are done! You won't even know they've been there! (Except the kids will be much happier than they were before the show.)

Q. How long is the presentation?

A: The presentation is about 45-60 minutes long. This includes all of our awesome experiments, demonstrations, customizations and the take-home experiment activity! It does not include our wonderful add-ons. (Each add-on adds 15 minutes to the party)

Q. How much does a presentation cost?

A: The presentation cost depends on the amount of children that will be present, the location of your party, and the add-ons you can choose to have. Our base parties start at $175. But for the most precise price, please contact our representatives at 207-878-2222 or fill out our on line web form.

 Q. Is the party interactive?

A: Our parties are a mix of exciting science demonstrations and experiments. Our scientist will use volunteers for some of the experiments and some are hands-on for all the party guests. Each party culminates with an awesome take-home chemistry activity that every child will perform!

Q. How far in advance should I book the party?

A: We recommend booking 6 - 8 weeks in advance to get the time and day you are looking for but please call us anytime and we will do our best to accommodate your party needs.

 Q. Where do you hold your parties?

A: We come to your location. Most people do the party at their home; others will rent a space at a community center, restaurant, or local business.

Q. When will the Mad Scientist arrive? When should the guests arrive?

A: The Mad Scientist will arrive 30 minutes before the start of the presentation to set up. We recommend having your guests arrive 15-30 minutes before the scientist will start, to ensure that everyone is there for the presentation.

Q: Should I tip the Mad Scientist?

A: Often customers inquire about a gratuity for the instructor. At your discretion, the typical service percentage (15% - 20%) is customary. Please pay your Mad Scientist directly and do not include this amount in the balance due.

Q. Is the party messy?

A: Our Mad Scientist are very skilled at keeping the experiments safe and contained. If your party includes slime making, you may wish to have the children do this outdoors or in a location such as a kitchen table or on a tile/linoleum floor. Although our parties require indoor space, slime-making can be done outdoors. Even though the polymer is made in a cup, a drop cloth safeguards against an indoor spill.

Q: Are adults/parents invited to observe the party?

A: Yes! Kids of all ages will enjoy our unique brand of fun, hands-on science. Should adults be present, we ask that they limit their involvement to observation only and that they respect our desire for silence during the entertainment. One of the best parts of Mad Science parties is that kids get to do most of the activities themselves. Any child who participates in the party activities, regardless of age, will be included when we calculate party participants.

Q. Are These experiments safe?

A: You better believe it! As much as we want kids to have fun, it's even more important to us that they be safe. Most of what we use are household items used in new and creative ways. Some experiments may use small flames but these are for the Mad Scientist only - which, of course, is made perfectly clear!

Q: What happens in the case of inclement weather? Will my party be canceled?

A: Mad Science does reserve the right to re-schedule programs due to inclement weather to preserve the safety of our staff & participants. We will contact you the day before your parties if conditions are such that we cannot safely support your party. Should weather conditions deteriorate during the day of your party, your Mad Scientist will determine if we can support your party and will contact you directly. We realize your child's birthday comes around but once a year. We do everything in our power to ensure we do not disappoint a child on his/her birthday. Should your party be canceled, we will make every effort to reschedule as quickly as possible.




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