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Camp Description

Our <Mission: Code> Summer Day Camp is uniquely designed to empower children with basic computational thinking skills and knowledge of computer programming concepts in a fun, accessible, hands-on, & active way in the summertime. We believe that the earlier children are exposed to the fundamental topics of coding, the more deeply they will absorb concepts just like a second language. We use a blended learning method that utilizes the inquiry based method, group problem solving activities, engaging active games, and individualized coding lessons on an engaging online platform. Coding is not just about sitting behind a computer, it is a way of thinking and something you do! Our coding camp will surely help launch your child into the 21st century!


 Interactive, Hands-On Coding     Lessons

 Computational Thinking & Logic Challenge

Indoor and       Outdoor Active Games 

 Take-Home Projects & Extended Learning At Home

Campers will receive 2-3 coding lessons everyday using our fun and engaging online gaming platform. Lessons are led by Instructors who help connect technology concepts to real life examples and also promote collaboration among the class.

Online coding lessons are interwoven with offline activities. Campers will practice programming concepts by engaging in a series of innovatively designed, interactive challenges and hands-on activities with their peers.

We put just as much emphasis on indoor/outdoor active, team building games. Campers participate in 2-3 correlated games a day throughout the camp week. Putting into action that coding is everywhere in the world and it is just as important to get up and experience the world away from a screen.

Campers will be provided with activities to try at home to build computational thinking, spatial reasoning, and logic skills. They'll design and take home their very own Coding Board Game to practice skills offline. A 1 year subscription to the platform is provided so campers can continue to play and practice the coding skills they have learned.


Day 1: Sick' Sequences- Campers learn why coding drives innovation and how sequences are used to tell computers what to do. They build this fundamental skill by sequencing their robot through a minefield with their friends in this first day introduction to our online gaming platform. Online exploration is complemented with offline activities like solving interactive logic puzzles, taking part in a tangram relay race, and a team building game that will put pattern recognition and memory to the test. This exciting camp day makes for a sick’ introduction to coding fundamentals!

Day 2: Far Out Functions- Campers will put their sequencing and problem solving skills to the test as they learn to use relative directions and functions as they continue to rise to higher levels in our online coding platform. Plenty of screen breaks are given as they play a game of “Bomberbot” coding tag and will even get a chance to code a few real life robots of their own! Logic and computational thinking activities get their minds moving as they solve traffic jams with a sliding block logic game and even make a map for a new airport. This day provides a far out exploration and practice of creating functions when we code!
Day 3: Astounding Algorithms- You may not have known this, but algorithms are quite astounding! From self-driving cars to the instructions you follow to get ready for camp, algorithms are everywhere! Campers take a deep dive into variables, conditionals, and loops. They create their own formulas, online and offline, to solve problems and complete tasks. Algorithmic thinking gets exercised in a hanoi tower logic race and an in an interactive treasure hunt that will challenge conditional logic. Campers use a special "fun-formula" to perform a live action dance and will work with their peers to solve a computational thinking challenge all about communication. In this day, children begin to design their very own Coding Board Game!
Day 4: Encryption In Action- There is no shortage of algorithmic action in this camp day all about program flow, refactoring, and keeping algorithms secret. Campers will learn more about digital literacy. They will continue to explore and deepen their knowledge of these coding concepts in our online gaming platform, getting them ready to create game levels of their own. Get “unplugged” and  attempt to encrypt and send messages to their friends using their own secret code wheel. They will get up and active, designing their own algorithms for their robot friends to follow and play a life size decryption game of “human puzzler”. The online world merges with the real world as they transform everyday objects into a real life game controller!

Day 5: Diggin' into Debugging- Algorithmic thinking will become a super power in this camp day all about  breaking down problems and conceptualizing solutions. Campers learn the importance of teamwork when solving problems and get hands-on with activities that teach about the process of fixing a bug. They participate in an active coding game that puts their conditional logic to the test and experiment with a robot that has been coded to have certain functions in the real world. At the end of camp, children receive a certificate during our coding ceremony to send them off on their coding journey with a 1 year subscription to our online gaming platform.

The Game- One of the most important lessons in "Bomberbot" is providing children with the insight that computers don’t think for themselves, but they are programmed by us. In the online game, they program a robot to solve levels in the most efficient way. They learn and practice new programming concepts in each Mission! Children will be assigned a chromebook, username , and password for these coding lessons.

Progress Tool- Our Platform comes fully equipped with a progress tool, which allows for our Mad Scientist to work with each child at their varying levels and monitor their progress as we build on the coding concepts throughout the week. The progress tool shows how well students have mastered the programming concepts in the game and the lessons can be adjusted accordingly.

The Level Creator-We will build upon concepts throughout the week. For kids that are or become more advanced, their is an option to explore in the Level Creator. Here, kids get creative by developing their own levels using the easy drag and drop interface, and challenge their classmates to solve their level. The platform also allows kids to take on the challenge of playing around in simplified JavaScript code while creating their own game levels!

Extended Learning & Projects At Home- Standard Mad Science take-home projects that you may be use to will not be given out in this program, instead your child will be provided with a year long subscription to Bomberbot. This cost is covered by us for a year and you will have an option to re-enroll once the annual subscription is up. Once your child has completed the program, we will provide a copy of their username and password. This is done at the end of the week to ensure children are not going ahead in the program without instruction from their Mad Scientist.

In a world that is increasingly influenced by technology, we believe that it's essential for children to get familiar with 21st century skills and the understanding of how we, as humans, program machines to create a better future. Our goal is not to make every child a programmer, but to help all children understand the fundamental concepts part of every programming language. Even though children understand how to use technology very well, most of them don’t exactly know how these technologies work. Understanding this contributes to their understanding of the world around them and their ability to work with technology in the future. Here are a few other things your child will learn:

  • Learn that modern technology around us is programmed by humans and become inspired to program machines.
  • Learn and practice fundamental programming concepts (like sequences, loops, algorithms, functions, conditionals and variables).
  • Practice their spatial reasoning, critical thinking, and analytical skills
  • Develop a new way of thinking - computational thinking - including algorithmic thinking, abstraction, decomposition and pattern recognition.
  • Practice their teamwork skills as they collaborate and communicate while identifying problems, testing solutions and debugging their programs.



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