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Experience Mad Science After School

Looking to spark imaginative learning after school? Mad Science of Maine sparks imaginative learning for K-5th graders when school is out! Let your child and student experience first-hand how much fun science can be. We have been offering our Enrichment Programs in Maine since 2001. We serve over 50-60 schools in Maine. Our hands-on courses meet once per week proceeding school dismissal. Classes are themed around various science topics such as rocketry, magnets, robotics, engineering, geology, chemistry, & more.  




If children have a favorite question, it is probably "Why?" At Mad Science of Maine, we engage these questions by using imaginative experimentation where children are given opportunities to perform hands-on investigations and explore the real world function of science. We utilize a dynamic mixture of a professional curriculum, passionate educators, inquiry driven educational techniques, and innovative science equipment. Engaged, active, and enthusiastic learning is what our classes are all about! Whether your child is not interested in typical extra-curriculars or has a moderate interest in science, we believe your child will love our programs. The reason is quite simple, we make science fun! All kids  who love Mad Science know that having fun is one of our 3 golden rules, right after safety of course. We believe that when you make science fun, you counter the idea that science is much more than just a set of known facts, its a way of thinking. 

Fascinating demonstrations

Project based activities

Inquiry-based discussions

Take-home projects

Trained, reliable, and dynamic Mad Scientists 

Different science topics each week

Take-home cards with key vocabulary and includes an experiment

Concepts that are fundamental to increasing elementary students science literacy

Class sizes that do not exceed 20 


Your child gets to be introduced to science!  Mad Science is a proud member of the National Science Teachers Association. In a recent study published by the Association, it was found that Elementary teachers are spending less time on science in the classroom. Read more about their findings.

You will be ensured that your child is safe after school and continuing their learning in a fun way.

Science responds to childrens need to learn about the world around them.It has been proven that afterschool programing increases a child's academic achievement. Please refer to to read further studies about the benefits of Afterschool Programs.

A child's everyday experiences are the foundation for science. Mad Science offers new ways of considering familiar objects and events and provides a meaningful context to introduce new vocabulary and science concepts to children.We use open-ended science activities that involve children at a wide range of developmental levels.

Science strongly supports language and literacy.

And of course, we teach kids just how much fun science can be!



The program is typically six weeks in length each term (fall, winter and spring). We offer shorter and longer programs as needed. The school/organization selects the day of the week that the program will be conducted and the schedule of dates. We plan ahead for any skip dates due to holidays or parent conferences. The program is parent funded, so there is no cost to the school. The price is determined by the number of weeks the program is conducted. We require a minimum of 12 students to register prior to the first class, in order to run the program.  


The school/organization will contract with Mad Science for the number of students that will participate. Mad Science will send multiple instructors to your site to accommodate large groups of students. We typically offer a 20:1 ratio. Your school/organization will determine the number of weeks you would like to offer Mad Science based on your needs.  

We offer 3 sessions every school year:


 Fall:  October-Late November/Early December, 8 Week Session

 Winter:  January- March, 8 Week Session

 Spring:  April-June, 8 Week Session 


We recruit former teachers and current college students with an education major who have experience in classrooms or with groups of elementary aged children. Mad Science tries to assign an instructor for the entire length of your child's program. We feel this encourages a rapport between instructor and student and facilitates the learning process. On occasion situations arise that necessitate the need for a substitute instructor. All our instructors must pass a series of state and national criminal background checks and be certified through our training process.


The best way to register is online via the Mad Science website. You can pay by check or credit card when you register online. When you register online, please remember to enter emergency contact information, all the names of individuals who are approved to pick up your child, and all Health or Special Needs information about your child.

Registration can also be taken over the phone at 207-878-2222 or by mail in registration form. Please note, if you mail your registration form to the Mad Science Headquarters, you run the risk of others signing up online before your form arrives for us to process it. For locations that fill up fast, parents may run into this situation.

Click here to download a Printable Mail In Registration Form. 

To Register with a Mail in form, please mail to: Mad Science of Maine, 105 Main St., South Portland, ME 04106

 PPayment and forms must be returned to and processed by Mad Science prior to the start of the program.  Payment and forms  should not be handed in to the school office or to your child's teacher at school.

A $20 fee will be charged for checks that are returned unpaid.

Please pick your child up promptly at the classroom door upon dismissal. LATE PICKUP will be charged at the rate of $1.00 per minute and must be paid in cash directly to the Mad Scientist prior to the start of the next class in order for your child to continue.

A minimum of 12 children per class must be met in order for the class to run.  At times Mad Science will choose to run a program with less children than 12.  This decision is made on a case by case basis.

All supplies and materials are included in the class fee.

Mad Science after school classes are closed to visitors and observers unless permission is granted by Taryn Friedman, Program Director for Mad Science of Maine.  Exception to this rule: If you are a teacher and it is your room that is being utilized for the class, you may remain in the classroom for your own purposes other than to engage with the Mad Science program.  This policy is in place for the safety of the children enrolled in our programs.

Mad Science has a zero-tolerance policy regarding violence of any kind.  If a child is physically or verbally bullying another child or children in the classroom, this could result in being asked not to return to the Mad Science program. 

Mad Science will contact you via email prior to the start of the program to confirm your child’s registration.

Mad Science will not share your email address or personal information with any outside organization.

For refunds requests made prior to the start of the program, a $10 processing fee will be deducted.

If an after school program session is cancelled due to low enrollment, a full refund will be given. 

If your child is unsatisfied with the program after the first class and we are contacted prior to the second class, Mad Science will issue you a refund, minus a $10 processing fee.  After the second class no refunds will be issued.

If a class is ever cancelled due to school closures, a make-up day will be added to the end of the session.



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After School Programs
My son (5), absolutely loved the Mad Science After School sessions that were offered at Carl J Lamb School this year. He can not wait for next years sessions, he has become very excited about science and learning. Not a day goes by when he does not talk about Mad Science. Thank you for offering such a fabulous program!


After School Programs
My son (age 5)attended April vacation camp at Reiche for the first time. He loved it! When he came home at night we would play with the projects he had done and he had a lot to tell me everyday about what he did. We could never be late getting there and getting him to leave when I came to pick him up was hard. What a great way for children to learn science and not even know they are. The staff were great and very involved with the kids. I was extremely impressed with the whole process. I highly recommend anyone to attend these programs.

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