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Gallons of green glowing liquids; strange objects flying through the air; messages written in secret code; autonomous robots; mystery substances that change from solid to liquid in seconds.... Is this a fictional account of a visit to another planet? No . . . it's a Mad Science Summer Camp! Our camps are truly unique experiences for children. We have been keeping Maine children engaged and entertained in the summer time for 14 years.

The Mad Science mission is to spark the imagination and curiosity of children in Maine by providing them with fun, entertaining and educational activities that instill a clear understanding of what science is really about and how it affects the world around us. We have created unique summer day camps that give children the opportunity to “DO” science. Let's face it, science is more than facts and formulas, it is meant to be experienced. Our summer science camps are guaranteed to engage and expand your child's mind, as well as offer them a big dose of fun! Whether you're looking for a fun activity for your kids, or you need childcare options, our summer camps provide both, in an engaging and exciting format.

Our primary objective is to boost children's science proficiency and cultivate a budding love for science, all the while having fun. We aspire to create an environment that is in every way safe, where encouragement, laughter and fun are the standard. How do kids learn, have fun, and stay actively engaged in our camps? One of our core objectives is to make sure your child has fun. This objective guides our curriculum, is emphasized when we hire and train our teachers, and is central to our programming. We hold steadfast to the belief that kids learn best when they are having fun. How do we make science fun? These are our main ingredients: interactive demonstrations, equipment that is the best in the field of elementary education, hands-on individual & group activities, problem solving group work, unique take home projects, active learning games, and outside activities to give children a chance to enjoy our beautiful summers. 


Mad Science is noted for its trademark 'edu-tainment' philosophy, which cultivates incredible enthusiasm and a sense of wonder in children. We believe that children are born scientists. Children are naturally curious about the world around them, and we believe that we must harness that curiosity in today's youth in order to help foster a lifelong love of science and learning. Our adherence to our core philosophies and beliefs that science should be fun and inquiry based, allows us to continually engage our campers natural curiosity and desire to touch, see and do. We provide them with the opportunity to engage in hands-on exploration and witness truly amazing scientific phenomena.


We use an experiential and inquiry based approach that gives your child a scientifically enriching experience. Our central focus is on questioning and experimentation. Throughout a week of camp, we inspire "agency" in children as they pose questions and actively search for answers to these questions. We place a
n emphasis on trying new things, learning by doing, and enjoying the process of discovery. All Mad Science programs are developed by a team of professional educators, scientists, and entertainers to ensure they are accurate, educational, safe, and fun. In fact, we have our very own Research and Development team that spends years developing and testing our curriculum. Kid tested, educator approved!

We offer 8 different camp themes throughout the summer: Super Duper Science Sampler, Brixology & Engineering, Robot Recruit, Spy Academy, Eureka! The Inventors Camp, Reactions in Action Chemistry Camp, My First Lab Preschool Camp, and our brand new Mini Maker Camp! All camp topics are updated annually to make sure we are giving children the most innovative tools necessary to embark upon scientific discovery in a camp setting. Let’s take a sneak glimpse into what a day of Mad Science Camp might look like! Through the implementation of interactive demonstrations, children will learn how rocket propulsion thrusts rockets many feet above treeline or how chemical reactions can shoot a column of foam into the air. Through group work, children will experiment with programmable robots, make life saving inventions, and build a wind tunnel to test various flying devices. Through hands on projects, children may explore the technology that is used to design and build robots, fiber optics, and security devices. Do you still not have an appropriate glimpse into the Mad Science Camp Experience? Click on our video to the left to see all the cool stuff that happens in a Mad Science Camp!

 We see ourselves as the facilitators, providing the necessary tools, guidance, and concepts for children to embark upon fun scientific investigations. Mad Science of Maine hires qualified individuals with experience working with children and are skilled at getting kids excited about learning. Many of our instructors are teachers from a variety of school districts in Maine and college students concluding their degrees. Each camp has a Lead and an Assistant Instructor. Our most experienced educators assume the role of Lead Instructor. We expect our instructors to not only be passionate about science and be able to share that passion with children, but also to be able to have effective classroom management skills. Every instructor employed by Mad Science receives a criminal background check. Every Mad Scientist receives ample orientation and individualized training. At Mad Science, we believe that the personal development of a child is nurtured by our dedicated Mad Scientist's who seek to build self-confidence, self-reliance, and independence in individual campers. 



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Summer Camps
This was our first year attending the Mad Science Camp and it was a huge success! My son loved it, the activities were fantastic and the instructors were really great. Thank you very much! Looking forward to next summer already!
- Danielle Marquis, Sidney ME


Summer Camps
My grandson attended Madison Science Camp in Waterville for the first time and he loved it. Teachers and program were amazing and the hands on was great. I would recommend this for all curious minds its great. As a grandparent I was also very impressed with the safety of the students they always had supervision. Thank you for bringing this program to Waterville he would never have been able to attend with the driving distance to the other areas.


South Portland, ME
8/23/2014 10:56:05 PM #24

Summer Camps
My son has been attending Mad Science Summer Camp for two years in a row and totally loved it! Teachers were amazing and experiments/inventions were very cool! Thank you. :)

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