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Day Camp Topics


Mission: Code is a unique summer camp experience that allows kids to learn essential coding skills while also engaging in active games and hands-on learning.  Kids will develop computational thinking and problem solving skills in an online game environment where you give a robot a set of instructions to follow in order to solve the level.  Each coding session provides kids with a fundamental skill set including algorithms, functions, relative directions and sequences. The combination of online activities paired with engaging offline activities like scavenger hunts, code-cracking mysteries and team robotics challenges that keep kids active and reinforce coding skills is a winning formula for fun in the summer! 



Come one, come ALL young minds, and hop on the MAKER train! Our minds are made for MAKE-ing and this cutting edge camp is guaranteed to inspire the emerging inventor, designer, artist, engineer, and tinkerer. STEAM thinking gets activated through hands-on exploration with intelligent robots, stop-motion animation, game design, and app-enabled building blocks that teach innovation. Children engage with the inventor’s cycle by snapping together electronic building blocks to create various gimzos and gadgets. Discover the FUN-damentals of programming with three intelligent robots that have big personalities. Build mechanical devices to solve problems and invent an app-enabled smart car. We move from the past to the present of game design, leading an animated character on an adventure using coding blocks. Take a look back at early animation and then move to the present using green screens to create animation shorts. MAKE and take-home an electric wiggle bot, circuit creature, moving picture device, mechanical grabber, and so much more. This camp shows every child that the future is theirs for the MAKE-ing!



MAKE It Move!, MAKE It Move!, MAKE Gizmos & Gadgets, MAKE-Botics, MAKE 4 Fun, MAKE Animation 


***NEW UPDATES: This camp is different than the Radical Robotics AfterSchool Program. New Robots will be built in this camp. More technology has been integrated with new robots for hands-on experimentation. Including a computer, IPads, modular robot building sets, and new programmable robots.

Join Mad Science for a week of discovery and fun in this five-day Robotics Camp! Investigate robotic fundamentals, learn about the history of robotics, from literature to engineering advancements, & build ingenious robots to take home every day. We will explore circuits, electricity, sensors, gears, and advanced robotic applications. Learn about the mechanical aspects of robots, with gears, gear ratios, torque and pick up the basics of electricity. Innovative circuit-building "maker" activities will creatively build children’s electric and robotic knowledge. In groups, children will put together circuits to make their own robot. Children compare, analyze and test a variety of robots everyday that is correlated to daily concepts. Experiment with sound sensing robots, animatronics, line-tracking robots, industrial robots, surveillance bots, IPad controlled performance bots, robotic pets, the worlds smartest and smallest robot. Children will use IPad's throughout the week to learn about today's robots and even build their creative confidence by making their own remote control! Our future roboticist's round out the week getting more in depth experience programming robots as they cycle through programming stations that will enrich their understanding of programming. Which of our creative camper's will design tomorrow’s robots? Could it be you?

 Inspire the inventor and scientist in you during this week of discovery and invention. Each day children will be given a series of challenges which must be overcome using basic materials, simple machines, tips from world famous inventors and the most important thing of all – your mind! If you were stranded on a desert island how would you survive? You will need to build shelter, find food and purify water, protect yourself and your teammates from the elements and find a way off the island. Journey to the future and examine the ultramodern inventions of the 23rd century. Then design the future - today! Create mini light sabers, mini-space stations, and electric flying contraptions. With a little bit of ingenuity, you’ll construct catapults and forts, build Ruberg contraptions that perform simple tasks, and experiment with humanoid robots. Take home projects include ping-pong ball launchers, mousetrap contraption cars, mystery sticks, tubular blow darts, and other wacky contraptions. While Thomas Edison said, “invention is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration” this camp is 100% FUN!

Get ready for the Bridges, Bricks, Blast-Off Brigade! Campers step into the shoes of engineers in this Mad Science FUN'gineered camp full of rockets, wacky machines, flying devices, roller coasters, and BRICKS! We have merged 2 days of our BRIXOLOGY program with 3 days of our “Adventures in Engineering” Camp to inspire our next generation of engineers in mechanical, structural, aerospace, and nautical engineering. For two days, children are challenged to use LEGO® bricks to assemble a space station and a mechanized drawing machine. They will also use their creativity to solve real-world design challenges like building a sailboat slalom and off-world habitat. They build skyscrapers and are challenged to build the strongest bridge. Blast off a variety of rockets propelled my model engines, air, and water. Discover Newton’s Laws of Motion with a cool crash test dummy experiment and create a variety of boat and submarine designs. Children build and take-home projects like micro-pincher's, a wooden cube puzzle, balloon car, and flying fizzler rockets. Brixology take-homes are the Wave Rider Boat and Skyroller Zipline cable car which are compatible with campers LEGO® bricks at home. Come give your future engineer the opportunity to have a blast exploring all the wonders the world of engineering holds!


Camp Days: BRIXOLOGY: Machine Mania, BRIXOLOGY: Water Works, Newton’s Loco-Motion, Rockin’ Rockets, & Super Structures 

Look out 007, Mad Science Spy Academy is here! Suspects, schematics, sleuthing, and of course science all come together in this exciting camp designed to help train your secret agent to connect the dots using science to help solve a crime and hone their skills in evidence gathering & analysis. In joining the “Mad Science Bureau of Investigations”, children will build a series of take-home projects that give them the investigative tools and gadgets to crack codes and solve mysteries. We will enhance their recall and observation skills and develop tools of the trade to sniff out forgeries and counterfeits. Figure out the science of forensics in a hands-on look at crime scenes. And learn how to use spy equipment like night vision goggles, parabolic ears, and videoscopes. Come join us to step into the shoes of a detective and go on a fascinating journey into the world of detection, forensics, spy technology, and classified information!



Shake up a flask of fun in the lab as a Junior Chemist! Try your hands as a real Mad Scientist in this whirlwind camp packed solid with cool reactions. Explore bubbling potions, slimy polymers, color changing liquids, dry ice bubbles, and solids that disappear in an instant! Start out the week learning about laboratory equipment at your personal lab tech bench. Then, slide down the PH scale and spend a day finding out how different chemicals react when mixed together. Build and break molecules and grow crystals in a petri dish. Ooze into a gooey day of making crazy concoctions such as glow putty, glow spheres in a test tube, thermochromic mixtures, and guar gum brain goo! Round out this radical week by manipulating matter in all of its three states! Take home a full set of Mad Science lab gear that includes a graduated cylinder, a flask, test tubes, goggles, and a lab coat. Come take a walk on the wild side of chemistry!

For the camper who wants to try it all this Mad Lab variety camp is for you! This camp has Mad Science’s coolest bits and pieces that will make you go scientifically bonkers! It’s one of our new favorites with fast paced experiments one after another in topics like Laser Light, Electricity, Power and Energy, Che-mystery, and Magnets! Experience FIZZ”-ical Phenomena by stirring up some crazy concoctions, create cool gases, electroplate coins, and make crystals. Dive into electricity by experimenting with Squishy Circuits and mini Van De Graff sticks. Learn about power and energy by building chemical batteries and solar powered devices. Use lasers to send music across the room and print 3d Holograms. Learn the magic behind magnets by building speakers, levitating magnets, and making magnetic putty. In this camp, you will certainly become a certified “Mad” Scientist! It’s a camp so great it’s Super-Duper!  



Half Day Camp, 9am-12pm 

Become a Mini Mad Scientist! This camp is a great introduction to the sciences and is aimed at the little ones in our lives. This Junior Mad Science camp is a half-day program full of a variety of science topics that will excite and entertain young learners! Preschoolers explore their sense of sight, sound, smell, taste and touch. And are given the chance to become paleontologists by searching for fossils and participating in mini dinosaur dig. Campers explore the science of the sea and the fascinating creatures that live there. The forces of the world come together in an exciting day devoted to gravity, inertia and energy. The week ends with an exciting mission to space to explore the planets, moons and stars. Take-home projects are built every day! Projects including crystals and rocks for starting a rock collection, fossils, periscope, center of gravity star, spacewalk challenge, cartesian diver, and more! ***This is a tentative description, curriculum is subject to change



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Summer Camps
Bravo Mad Science! Summer Camp was a huge hit! My daughter always came home exited and wanted to show me the day's experiment. It sounded like so much fun that I wanted to join her next year! Thanks to Supernova Sam and Jenny Jolt for a wonderful week of mad science!


Summer Camps
Professional and well-run. Laboratory Laurie and Rocket Ruby were wonderful, loving teachers who seemed to truly love learning alongside the students. The kids came home happy and full of stories and information about what they learned. They loved the extension activities and "toys" they came home with and are already asking about whey they can do Mad Science camp again. Thank you!


Jeanne Swanton
Levy Day School, Portland
7/20/2015 5:25:31 PM #13

Summer Camps
Eureka camp was a hit! My son was fully engaged, enjoying every minute. We (his brother, mom and dad) were excited to see/play with the cool inventions he created each day which made Eureka camp fun for the whole family. I was also extremely satisfied with the kind, welcoming and flexible teaching staff. Electric Elaine is amazing! We are definitely coming back next year. Thank you!


Summer Camps
My son LOVED Spy Camp. Every day he was bursting with information about what he learned and how much fun he had with Cosmic Christine and Lord Banana! He can't wait to do another Mad Science program. Thanks for a great week.


Summer Camps
My son LOVED spy camp. Every day he was bursting with information about what he did and how much fun he had. He has enjoyed all of the take home activities, too. Cosmic Christine and Lord Banana were wonderful with all of the kids. Their enthusiasm was contagious. We can't wait to participate in another Mad Science program soon. Thanks for a wonderful week!

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