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Our Mad Scientists


"Electric Elaine" (Elaine McGee)- Lead Camp Instructor - Eureka! The Inventors Camp, After School and Workshop Instructor

Elaine Staff Photo

AKA "Electric Elaine" joins us for her fourth year. Elaine was a teacher for over 20 years and is now living her teacher retirement dream working as a true Mad Scientist. She teaches our workshops in schools, after-school programs, & assists with curriculum training. She has her Bachelors in Geology-Mineralogy from the University of Michigan, a Masters in Geochemistry at SUNY-Stone Brook, and a Masters in Earth Sciences at the University of South Carolina. Elaine believes that young children who experience the fun of science will always be open to pursuing and supporting science as they grow older. She is passionate about learning and wants to share the excitement that can come from thinking about and exploring observations and new ideas. She has a single message to children: observe, ask questions, and be creative!


Anna Tibbetts (a.k.a. Lord Banana) ASP Instructor. 

Lord Banana is an energetic and passionate Elementary Art Teacher who possesses a State of Maine K – 12 certification and a bachelor’s of Fine Arts Degree from the University of Southern Maine. She joins Mad Science for a second year as the Lead Instructor for Spy Academy. Lord Banana’s talents are endless. Not only has her artwork won awards at various art shows but she also teaches ballroom dancing and has volunteered at Camp Sunshine during their summer camp programs. Somehow, Lord Banana still finds time to hike in nature and cooks up some of her favorite recipes.

"Rocket Ruby" (Ruth Kirkwood)- My First Lab Camp Lead Instructor, Pre-school Workshop Instructor & Birthday Party Specialist 

Ruth Staff Photo


"Rocket Ruby" joins us for her 2nd year. Ruby fancies science enrichment because imagination rockets, hands-on activities excite and exploration zooms. Ruth is a retired teacher with over 20 years of experience teaching a variety of ages. She holds her K-12 Certification, a Bachelors in Elementary Education from Illinois State University, and a Masters in Teaching from the University of Ct. Storrs, CT. Be prepared, Rocket Ruby is known for her zaniness and may break out in her science dance while teaching about the 3 states of matter.


“Centripetal Chris” (Christina Winslow) – Special Event and Assembly Show Specialist

Centripetal Chris recently made a big move to Maine after spending the first 50 years of her life in Colorado. While living there, she was a teacher and information specialist who managed and taught elementary students in grades K-5 in both the classroom and library. Centripetal Chris received her Master’s in Information and Learning Technologies from the University of Colorado at Denver as well as in Education with a Multi-Cultural Emphasis from Regis University. Her eagerness to learn as well as her dynamic personality sparks the love of learning in even the most hesitant young child. Centripetal Chris has quickly dived into her new community as she volunteers her time at the Patten Free Library in Bath reading to children during the children’s reading hour. When she is not there, you will find her working as a Tour Guide for the “Red Cloak Haunted History” tour in Bath. The all-time favorite hobby of Centripetal Chris is reading, but she also enjoys hiking, biking and exploring her new home along Maine’s coastline.

“Cosmic Casey” (Casey Baugh) – Assistant Instructor – Reactions in Action Camp

Cosmic Casey recently moved to Maine from Richmond, VA. She joins Mad Science for this year’s summer camp program and will be the Assistant Instructor for the Reactions in Action Camp. We are happy that Cosmic Casey is a part of the Mad Science Team as her enthusiastic, bubbly, and laid back personality is a perfect combination when working with young children. Cosmic Casey believes that all people learn at different levels and that a hands on and engaging teaching approach is one way to accommodate the various learning styles and ages. She is currently working on her Master’s Degree in Elementary Education at Franklin Pierce University in New Hampshire and is preparing to obtain her K-8 teaching certification with the goal of becoming a 4th or 5th grade teacher within the next year or two. In her spare time, Cosmic Casey loves exploring her new home in Maine. She says the rustic beauty of Maine captivates her tremendously and she can’t get enough of camping, hiking, or taking a meandering walk around her favorite new spot - Mackworth Island.


“Seashell Sara” (Sara Spellman) - Assistant Instructor – Brixology and Engineering Camp

 Seashell Sara holds a bachelor’s degree in Marine Biology from Roger Williams University. A native of Auburn, Seashell Sara returned home in 2014 where she now works as a dance instructor, teaching students simple dance movements that improve coordination. She is also employed at the Portland Science Museum as a staff member, working in the sales and gifts shop. Seashell Sara has a knack helping students understand complicated concepts by using examples from common ideas and every day experiences. As a result, she makes the perfect choice as an assistant instructor of Brixology and Engineering. During her down time, Seashell Sara enjoys playing the piano, signing, reading, and spending time with family and friends.


“Circuit CeCe” (Celise Murphy) - Assistant Instructor – Eureka! The Inventors Camp

 Circuit CeCe is a “retired” teacher who loves to inspire learning in children so much that she still spends most of her time in the classroom as a substitute teacher. She joins Mad Science of Maine for the first time this summer and will be the assistant instructor for Eureka! There’s not one subject that Circuit CeCe has not taught. Besides the basic science courses, she also teaches English, math, and reading. However, Circuit CeCe’s list of educational endeavors does not stop there. Other areas of instruction include dance, drama, music and geology. When not imparting knowledge to young students, you can find Circuit CeCe fishing, swimming, singing, acting in the local theater or just simply hanging out with her husband and their two rescue dogs, Honey and Gracie.

“Transformer Trey” (Sam Haverinen) – Lead Instructor – Eureka! The Inventors Camp

Transformer Trey holds a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Interpretation from Goddard College with post baccalaureate studies in Biochemistry from the University of Southern Maine. Transformer Trey’s creative, imaginative, and inquisitive personality combined with his knowledge of technology and experience teaching children as a ski instructor makes him a perfect lead Mad Scientist for Eureka! Transformer Trey’s favorite part about teaching is taking advantage of teachable moments. He finds this is the best way to grab students’ interests in the subject matter and often uses these moments as one of his learning tools. Transformer Trey has many interests and passions that include zip lining (he teaches this too), rock climbing, and playing bass in the music he produces. He is also a wilderness first responder and a scifi/fantasy fanatic.


“Kinetic Katrina” (Katrina Cornish) – Lead Instructor – Brixology and Engineering Camp

Kinetic Katrina received her bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science from SUNY and will be this year’s lead instructor for the Brixology and Engineering Camp. Her past teaching experiences include mentoring Junior Docents at the Maine State Aquarium in East Boothbay Harbor as well as teaching science, scuba diving, and windsurfing for children ages 9 – 17 at the Seacamp Summer Camp in Florida. Kinetic Katrina’s passionate, confident, innovative, and nurturing teaching style is a great way to motivate students to learn and have fun. In fact, it’s Kinetic Katrina’s goal to foster an appreciation for science in children to promote future exploration. Kinetic Katrina holds many certifications that include several NAUI scuba courses, US Coast Guard Boat Safety, as well as a Wilderness First Responder. During her free time, you can find Kinetic Katrina rock climbing, hiking, camping, backpacking, horizontal and vertical caving, white-water and flat-water kayaking, Nordic and alpine skiing, ice-climbing, wind surfing, sailing, singing, and playing the ukulele, African drums, and the violin. Is there anything this Mad Scientist does not do??


“Helium Hannah” (Hannah Roerick) – Lead Instructor – Super Duper Science Sampler Camp

Helium Hannah has recently moved to Maine from her home in Memphis, TN and is quickly making the Portland area her new home. In fact, she recently accepted the position of 4th grade teacher at a local Portland Elementary School. She is a 2008 graduate of the University of Alaska Anchorage with a teaching certification from Delta State University. She also holds a Master of Education from Christian Brothers University with a thesis on teacher mentoring. Helium Hannah’s past experiences and education make her the perfect lead Mad Scientist for the Super Duper Science Sampler Camp. She loves learning about and teaching science. In fact, Helium Hannah has spent much of her childhood with her scientist grandparents who were both toxicologists. Besides sparking the love of learning in children, Helium Hannah is also a writer and was a sports journalist for six years. When she is not busy teaching, Helium Hannah can be found relaxing with a book or running with her husband. And…if she was in Alaska, she would add ice climbing to the list.


“Molecular Mac” (Leia McDonnell) – ASP Instructor


Leia hails from Connecticut and is currently a Bio Major with a focus in Education at USM! She has been working and volunteering with children for many years and is very passionate about science education. Leia has been a genuine lover of science since the 5th grade when she designed a new product for the science fair called the "Thermotemp" which monitored the water temperature in baths and showers! Leia loves to garden, spend time with friends and family, hike, row, and knit. She aspires to be teaching middle school or high school within the next couple of years! 



“Cosmic Christina” (Christina Kouros) – Assistant Instructor – Robot Recruit Camp

 Cosmic Christina is a recent graduate of Cape Elizabeth High School and has always wanted to become a teacher. Presently, Cosmic Christina is working on her degree in Education at the University of Maine, Farmington. She is very excited to put on her Mad Science hat and be the assistant instructor for Robot Recruit Camp. Cosmic Christina loves teaching and believes education is power. It’s her belief that to inspire imagination and fun while learning opens the door to an authentically motivated child. Besides teaching, Cosmic Christina also enjoys working with animals. She has volunteered at both the Animal Refuge League and the Forest Avenue Veterinary Hospital. When she’s not teaching or taking care of a sick pet, Cosmic Christina is winning national championships in adaptive Nordic skiing and wheelchair racing. And when she’s not doing that, she is relaxing with one of her favorite art projects.




 “Amethyst Amanda” (Amanda Eaton) – Program Specialist and Instructor

 Amanda recently moved back to Maine after 11 years in the Midwest. She has been a teaching artist for 14 years and loves working with students of all ages! She holds a BA in Theatre and Minor in Dance from The University of Maine and is graduate of The Second City, Chicago.  Amanda loves all things science and arts related and is excited for Mad Science to now focus on STEAM! Amanda spends her time acting, biking, writing, cooking and singing when not working in the Mad Science Lab and teaching after school programs. She lives in South Portland with her partner Brendan and goldfish Emilio, where they watch a ton of Star Trek. Live long and prosper! 




“Lunar Lizzie” (Elizabeth “Lizzie” Cantey) – Operations Assistant, Special Events, and Birthday Party Specialist.

Lunar Lizzie came to Mad Science from California in March, 2016 and began her career with us as an After School Program Instructor. Although you will still find Lunar Lizzie in the classroom, she is now working full time as the Operations Assistant; preparing, organizing, and updating the science equipment that makes our programs a success. In an addition to being the science equipment guru, Lunar Lizzie also assists with birthday parties and at special events. Lunar Lizzie is also a Behavioral Health Associate where she gained experience working with children on the autism spectrum. She believes children should be given the opportunity to explore and learn in a safe, directed environment rather than conforming the child to a system. When not in the lab, Lunar Lizzie is doing all the other things she enjoys such as surfing, painting, writing, and being a super wonderful mom to her four legged furbaby, Samson the cockapoo!



“Catalyst Corey” (Corey Cleary) – Special Event and Assembly Show Specialist

Catalyst Corey is a working artist and educator here in Portland who has a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts, with an emphasis in Illustration from Montserrat College of Art. Catalyst Corey began his teaching career as an Animation Instructor for the Glen Urquhart After School Program in Beverly, MA where he assisted students in designing characters and taught the fundamentals of stop motion animation. Mixing his passion for art, love of teaching, his interest in science, and incredible enthusiasm, Catalyst Corey makes the perfect Mad Scientist for all our Assembly Shows, Workshops, and After School Programs. When he is not creating art or teaching, you can find Catalyst Corey biking in the city he loves, cooking his favorite creative recipes, and playing air hockey (he states he is overly competitive.) And speaking of competitive, he enjoys watching his friends lose to him while playing board games. This Mad Scientist, it seems, is spirited in more ways than one.



"Jurassic Justin" (Justin Kazar) - Assistant Instructor - Spy Academy Camp


Jurassic Justin is a graduate student at the University of New England, a substitute teacher, and has had a lifelong interest for both science and spending time with children. Jurassic Justin joins us for Spy Academy Camp because it combines two of his passions - education and science. He is currently in the Teacher Certification Program at UNE, and recently completed his required EDU classes. Jurassic Justin’s journey into teaching started in 2013 when he became a substitute teacher. Very quickly students requested him for their teacher and cheered when they found out he would be. Before teaching, Justin received two degrees from the University of Maine at Farmington in English and Philosophy. Justin has always enjoyed time with children - he has been babysitting since as far back as he can remember, and he is often referred to as "Uncle J" by his friends' children. (And yes, he is definitely that one cool uncle everyone has!) Jurassic Justin has always enjoyed both science and science fiction - some of his favorite TV shows include Cosmos and Planet Earth, and he is a Star Wars fanatic. In his free time Justin can be found reading on the beach, hiking, fishing, writing, and taking pictures of sunsets. 

 Lorraine Glowczak (a.k.a. Brainy Rainy) Outreach Coordinator & Instructor

Brainy Rainy began working for Mad Science in the Fall of 2010 as an After School Program Instructor. Although you can still find Brainy Rainy in the classroom and at special events, she spends more time at the lab promoting our super awesome science enrichment programs. Brainy Rainy has a background in Education and Linguistics with a Bachelor's Degree in Leadership and Organizational Studies from the University of Southern Maine. Her multitude of passions and love of learning have led Brainy Rainy on a variety of career paths that include Preschool Instructor, Chiropractic Assistant, Horticulture Specialist, Owner of a Concierge Business, and a journalist. At the moment, Brainy Rainy is learning Italian to prepare for her trip to Italy this fall and is diving into the adventure of Beekeeping. When she's not doing that, you can find her volunteering her time with the League of Women Voters of Maine, exploring the Maine woods, kayaking at the lake or beating her husband in a mean game of Phase Ten.


Taryn Friedman (a.k.a. Lightning Lucy) Chief Mad Scientist, Co-Owner and Program Director


“Lightning Lucy” can be seen performing Mad Science Shows and facilitating Science workshops all over Maine! She has been Co-Owner of Mad Science since 2010 with “Nitro Nikki”.  She graduated from Union College in 2002 with her degree in English Literature and a minor in Biology.  Taryn has an extensive background in experiential and environmental education.  She has worked as a wilderness therapy guide with teens at the Summit Achievement Academy in Stowe, ME, a snowboard coach for Gould Academy in Bethel, a kayak guide in Casco Bay for Rippleffect, an environmental educator aboard the Schooner Adventuress in Puget Sound near Seattle, WA, and a direct support professional for teens and adults with special needs at Creative Trails in Portland, and of course a Mad Science Instructor teaching science enrichment programs while also fulfilling her duties as the Program Director of Mad Science.  Taryn has always had a passion for science and loves getting kids excited about chemical reactions, Newton’s Laws of Motion, robots, electricity, and more! 




Nichole Troe (a.k.a. Nitro Nikki) Chief Mad Scientist, Co-Owner and Director of Operations

 “Nitro Nikki” is known as the “Renaissance Women” of the Mad Science Lab. You can find her tinkering in the lab, making cool gadgets, designing the website, leading the strategic planning effort, and even cooking an awesome spread for her Mad Scientist’s! Nichole took over as Co-Owner of Mad Science of Maine in 2010. She graduated with a BA from Cornell College. She is pursuing an MBA at UNE. Nichole has a total of 9 years of diverse experience working with children. She worked aboard historic educational schooners teaching cultural history and ecology all the while sailing on the Chesapeake Bay and Puget Sound. She counseled homeless youth in Portland Oregon, taught English abroad in South Korea, has been a Youth and Family Counselor, has done educational outreach for underprivileged kids, case management services, and developed and taught educational programs for refugees living in the Portland area. Roll all of that together and you have got the perfect Chief Mad Scientist! From the time Nichole was very young, she believed in the power of education. She loves science because it doesn't just teach us how the world works, but teaches us how to think in this curious world. Just like Carl Sagan said “Science is a way of thinking much more than it is a body of knowledge.” She is dedicated to Mad Science because it embodies this and empowers children to ask questions, seek answers, and inevitably solve the problems                                                                 of the world all the while hopefully never losing their wonder and curiousity.

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