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Mad Science Fall Events

DATE     TIME          EVENT                                                                       LOCATION

6/12/16   11:00am-5:00pm  Marvels of Motion Show and Hands On Booth    Portland, ME

6/15/15   6:00pm     Olympic Madness Show, Wentworth Intermediate School (hosted by the                                               Scarborough Public Library Reading Program.)              Scarborough, ME

6/25/16   10:00am    Olympic Madness Show, Charlotte Hobbs Memorial Library, Lovell, ME

6/25/16   10:00am-3:00pm   Electricity Hands On Booth, Strawberry Festival  South Berwick, ME

6/25/16   12:00pm-3:00pm   Energy Hands On Booth, Marketplace @ Augusta   Augusta, ME

6/28/16   10:00am    Olympic Madness Show, Center For All Seasons (hosted by the Belgrade Public                                  Library)

6/2916    12:30pm   Olympic Madness Show, Alice Pendleton Library              Islesboro, ME

6/30/16   10:30am   Olympic Madness Show, Waldoboro Public Library           Waldoboro, ME

7/6/16     10:30am   Olympic Madness Show, Wells Public Library                    Wells, ME

7/7/16     3:00pm     Fire & Ice Show, Riverton Elementary School (hosted by the Portland Public                                       Library)                                                                                Portland, ME

7/8/16     10:30am  Olympic Madness Show, Gray Public Library                     Gray, ME

7/9/16     1:00-4:00pm  Up, Up, and Away Show and Air Pressure Hands on Booth, Windsor Days                                           Festival                                                                           Windsor, ME

7/13/16   1:30pm   Olympic Madness Show, Carrabassett Valley Library    Carrabassett Valley, ME

7/14/16   10:30am  Olympic Madness Show, Jesup Memorial Library               Bar Harbor, ME

7/16/16   4:00pm    Up, Up, Away Show, Waterford Fair                                    Waterford, ME

7/19/16   5:00pm    Olympic Madness Show, Graves Memorial Library            Kennebunkport, ME

7/20/16   6:00pm    Olympic Madness Show, Ellsworth Public Library             Ellsworth, ME  

7/20/16   10:00am   Olympic Madness Show, Henry D Moore Library              Steuben, ME

7/21/16   9:30am     Olympic Madness Show, Newport Cultural Center             Newport, ME

7/21/16   2:00pm     Olympic Madness Show, Ricker Memorial Library            Poland, ME

7/21/16   6:00pm     Olympic Madness Show, Naples Public Library                 Naples, ME 

7/22/16   1:00pm     Olympic Madness Show, Orono Public Library                  Orono, ME

7/22/16   5:00pm     Olympic Madness Show, The Wilson Museum                   Castine, ME

7/23/16   11:00am    Radical Reactions Show, Gray Wildlife Park                      Gray, ME

7/27/16   10:30am    Olympic Madness Show, South China Library                   South China, ME

7/28/16   1:00pm      Olympic Madness Show, Caribou Public Library              Caribou, ME

7/28/16   7:00pm      Fire and Ice Show, Thursdays on Sweden Street                Caribou, ME

8/1/16     10:00am    Olympic Madness Show, Portland Library Bookmobile program, Ocean Avenue Elementary School, Portland

8/1/16      7:00pm     Fire and Ice Show, Drakes Island Community House        Wells, ME 

8/2/16     10:30am    Olympic Madness Show, Rangeley Public Library            Rangely, ME

8/3/16      9:45am     Olympic Madness Show, Denmark Public Library            Denmark, ME

8/3/16      1:00pm     Olympic Madness Show, Casco Community Center & Library Casco, ME

8/3/16     6:00pm      Olympic Madness Show, South Portland Library              South Portland, ME

8/4/16     11:00am     Olympic Madess Show, Camden Public Library               Camden, ME  

8/4/16    2:00pm      Hands-On Air Pressure Booth, Rockland Lobster Fest.     Rockland, ME

8/6/16    12:00pm    Hands-On Discovery Booth, Back to School Block Party  Augusta, ME

8/8/16    10:00am    Olympic Madness Show, Portland Library Bookmobile Program, East End School, Portland

8/9/16     10:00am     Olympic Madness Show, Steep Falls Library                    Steep Falls, ME

8/9/16      6:30pm      Olympic Madness Show, Kennebunk Free Library           Kennebunk, ME

8/10/16    4:00pm      Marvels of Motion Show, Topsham Fair                           Topsham, ME

8/11/16    3:30pm      Olympic Madness Show, Thomas Memorial Library        Cape Elizabeth, ME

8/15/16    6:00pm     Olympic Madness Show, Auburn Public Library               Auburn, ME

8/14/16    2:00pm     Olympic Madness Show, Topsham Fair                             Topsham, ME

8/20/16    1:00pm     Marvels of Motion Show, Union Fair                                 Union, ME

8/20/16    3:00pm     Marvels of Motion Show, Union Fair                                 Union, ME

8/21/16    11:00am - 1 pm  Fire & Ice Show and Hands-on Slime Making Booth, Great Falls Balloon Festival          Lewiston, ME

8/24/16    10:30am   Olympic Madness Show, Curtis Memorial Library            Brunswick, ME

8/26/16    3:00pm     Radical Reactions Show, Piscataquis Valley Fair               Dover-Foxcroft, ME

8/26/16    6:00pm     Olympic Madness Show, Piscataquis Valley Fair               Dover-Foxcroft, ME

8/27/16    12:00pm   Marvels of Motion Show, Piscataquis Valley Fair              Dover-Foxcroft, ME

8/27/16     3:00pm    Up, Up, Away Show, Piscataquis Valley Fair                     Dover-Foxcroft, ME

9/3/16      12:30pm   Fire and Ice Show, Blue Hill Fair                                       Blue Hill, ME

9/11/16     2:00pm    Fire and Ice Show, Litchfield Fair                                      Litchfield, ME

9/28/16    1:00pm     Fire and Ice Show, Cumberland County Fair                     Cumberland, ME

10/28/16   6:00pm    Spooktacular Halloween Show, Newport Cultural Cntr    Newport, ME  











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M. Fagan
Old Orchard Beach, Maine
1/16/2017 5:31:58 PM #1

This was my first Mad Science workshop, and over the course of the day I found myself continuously impressed with Electric Elaine! Electric Elaine set clear expectations and provided many fabulous hands on experiences that fully engaged a wide variety of learners. Every student was excited, participated, and had lots of fun! Thank you Electric Elaine!


Old Orchard Beach, ME
1/12/2017 7:45:01 AM #2

I have worked with Mad Science several times in my career from preschool through elementary. Students are always excited to participate in workshops, as are staff! The consistency from scientist to scientist is very appealing to me as an educator. By 3rd grade students know the rules and expectations of Mad Science because the organization of the workshops is always the same. Students love trying out different experiments and using new materials and there is always a workshop that touches on the standards that we need to meet. Thank you for putting on fun, engaging, hands of programing!


I was blown away by how engaged my first graders were with the energy workshop! (No pun intended.) Lightning Lucy did an amazing job hooking the kids, introducing the new concepts, and assisting with the exploration while still letting the kids lead the way. She had great gentle control of the room and I was impressed with the new learning my students retained when she debriefed on the activity. The kids are still talking about how much they loved it!

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