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Afterschool Program Overview

What is a Mad Science Afterschool Program?

Mad Science of Maine sparks imaginative learning when school is out! Let your child and student experience first-hand how much fun science can be. Mad Science of Maine has been offering Afterschool Enrichment Programs in Maine since 2001. We serve over 50 schools in Maine throughout the school year, spanning a 50 mile radius of the Portland area. Our Afterschool Programs are hands-on courses that meet once per week proceeding your child's school dismissal. Our classes are packed full of fascinating demonstrations and project based activities. They are appropriate for children in kindergarten to grade 5. Our trained, reliable, and dynamic Mad Scientists use professional lesson plans, equipment, and materials to spark your child's imagination afterschool.

What is a typical Mad Science class like?

If children have a favorite question, it is probably "Why?" At Mad Science of Maine, we engage childrens questions through an "inquiry driven process" of hands-on investigations to find the answers to the many questions they pose. Engaged, active, and enthusiastic learning, now that is what our classes are all about!  Our Afterschool Enrichment classes are great for "all" kids. Whether your child is not interested in typical extracurriculars or has a moderate interest in science, we believe your child will love our programs and will fall in love with science.We utilize a dynamic mixture of innovative curriculum, passionate educators, and inquiry driven educational techniques. Above all, we make science fun! We believe that when you make science fun , than children are more interested in learning and want to learn. Our Afterschool Programs are offered once a week at your school. Students are presented with a different science topic each week, where they learn corresponding science concepts and participate in well organized project based activities with their peers. Children will make and take home a science project related to the class topic. We also provide a take-home card to students at the end of each class that describes the key vocabulary and includes an experiment that can be done at home. Take home cards and projects are central to our program goals, as we believe by extending learning to the home, it deepens a child's understanding of the science concepts presented in the class.  Each class we persent concepts that are fundamental to elementary students science literacy.

So, what about the Curriculum?  

Our curriculum is developed by a professional group of teachers and scientists. The Inquiry Based Method is at the instructional method at the core of the curriculum. All materials and science equipment are screened for safety. All science concepts and project based activities are strategically geared toward elementary aged children. The curriculum is then tested and measured for effectiveness. All of our programs are correlated to Maine State and National Learning Standards.  Please contact us for a full report of our program correlations.Our qualified and dynamic instructors deliver these professional lesson plans. They bring all of the equipment to the class that your child or student will be attending. We cover STEM topics such as chemical reactions, rocketry, sound, matter, robotics, engineering, electricity and more. After a class, you may hear child excitingly talk about how they altered their voices using a sound machine, investigated minerals, or how they bent light to see all the colors of a rainbow. We offer 8 different Afterschool Enrichment Programs, each one is varied and includes 6 different classes. Our Afterschool Programs include: Jump Into The Future, Sensational Science, Energize It, Project Earth, Marvel of Science, Far Out Science, Engineering Mania!, and Take A Bite Out Of Science. This means we have 2 years of exciting programing so that the Maine children we serve never get bored!

What are the Afterschool Program Benefits?

  • Your child gets to be introduced to science!  Mad Science is a proud member of the National Science Teachers Association. In a recent study published by the Association, it was found that Elementary teachers are spending less time on science in the classroom. Read more about their findings.
  • You will be ensured that your child is safe after school and continuing their learning in a fun way.
  • Science responds to childrens need to learn about the world around them.It has been proven that afterschool programing increases a child's academic achievement. Please refer to to read further studies about the benefits of Afterschool Programs.
  • A child's everyday experiences are the foundation for science. Mad Science offers new ways of considering familiar objects and events and provides a meaningful context to introduce new vocabulary and science concepts to children.We use open-ended science activities that involve children at a wide range of developmental levels.
  • Science strongly supports language and literacy.
  • And of course, we teach kids just how much fun science can be!


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